Hi, this is a place where I post pics and information that I enjoy and that makes me think or laugh.

I am not selling anything or trying to start debates about the topics posted here. I have opinions and I will post some of them here, referred more to as just a specific topic, so, if you disagreed with my way of thinking or if it’s not funny to you, you can release your anger on your blog or just block me, but don't come back to my blog telling to take this or that down because I won’t do that.

Almost everything that I post here was found on other websites or I took the idea from another place. They are just things that I like and decided to post it here.

We can be friends even if we have a different way of thinking. Many of my friends don’t agree with these posts but that does not change our friendship. We just don’t agree on some points but in others we share the same opinions.

I get between 60 and 80 visitors daily, some days more some less. I do not receive regular messages though. I would appreciate if you send me a message, even if it is a correction. I don’t care if you try to offend me; as I said before it’s my space and it amuses me that some people think they will hurt me by telling something.

I can’t post as regularly as I want, so, some days or weeks I won’t post anything. I like comments with suggestions, but I don’t follow any other blogs with this account. I don’t belong to any movement defending anything. I believe that everybody has rights, but I am not an activist and I am not thinking about becoming one (so far).

In the event you don’t like what I post or if you want me to stop posting: this place can be closed if you put your faith on it with a huge donation to my PayPal account.

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